Tumblr is one of the only social media communities that are considered friendly for any adult content – or at least they used to be.

With new regulations in place, Tumblr has officially banned all adult content from being  shared and posted on the site.

It’s estimated that there are more than 148 billion posts on Tumblr right now spread over more than 300 billion users: But experts are saying Tumblr might not survive the recent ban on porn and adult content – and you as user don’t have to put up with it, either.


What’s Banned?

From now, all content containing nudity, sex or pornography is banned from being posted to Tumblr.

Yes, this includes partial nudity. Yes, this includes side-boob. Yes, this includes art. If it’s naked, even a little, it’s banned from the website.

This rule even includes the depiction of animated, drawn or cartoon nudity, too – so no more of that on Tumblr, either.


Who This Affects

This affects nearly every single user of Tumblr.

It’ll affect you if you’re an artist, photographer or model who makes use of Tumblr to stay in touch with your fans – it affects a 35-year old fetish model just as much as it affects a 19-year old user.

As a business, it affects your clients – and as a user, it affects your entire social media experience, even if you didn’t make it over to Tumblr just for the nudity.


What’s the Alternative

What’s the alternative if you’re finally tired of Tumblr?

TumblrClone is your answer to Tumblr if you’re sick of being censored.

You’re an adult, and you should be able to make your own choices about what you want the world to see. If it’s posted on the website out of your own free will in a legal, consenting context, there shouldn’t be anything that a website can do to tell you that you can’t.


How TumblrClone Works

TumblrClone works just like the regular Tumblr, and it’s got all of the best features that made you want to use Tumblr in the first place.

The only difference between TumblrClone and Tumblr is the amount of censorship.

There’s no censorship of adult content when you post anything on TumblrClone. We believe in choice, and you have the choice to post what you want.

TumblrClone allows administrators to create their own Tumblr-like profiles where they can post their content without having to worry about the content being reported, censored or taken down – and users can post here just like they would on its namesake website without it becoming a problem.