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It’s based on the popular Laravel Framework and it’s well-coded / documented. It’s also well developed, widely supported (24/7) and regularly updated.

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Fantastic Possibilities

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Our clone includes every feature of Tumblr social networking platform. Your users will be able to build their own blog, post blog updates, reblog things, follow other members etc.

User-based Blogs

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Members of your Tumblr community will be able to start their own blogs and use them under their own unique URL. No restriction & limit is applied on blog creation per user.


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Let your users enjoy it! They will be able to reblog things, causing a unique engagement every single time that will affect your SEO positively and continuously rank up your Tumblr community

Variety of blog-able media

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Forget about blogging photos. Your users will be able to blog media, quotes, texts etc., the same way they do in Tumblr! Sit back and enjoy your community growing bigger every day.


Guaranteed ROI.

Tumblerclone offers you a variety of features that, the more your users use, the greater is the advantage that you take of them. With the proper monetization method, your passive income from Tumblerclone will be a great one.

Choose your license

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Hi-5 Domain License

  • License for 5 Domains
  • Anytime Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Support

Single Domain License

  • License for 1 Domain
  • Anytime Upgrade
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Support

Multiple Domains License

  • License for 40 Domains
  • Anytime Downgrade
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Support

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Let’s cover all of your questions. You can still contact us for specific inquiries.

A Tumblr clone written in plain PHP, using Laravel framework. Tumblrclone is a script that will make your website’s look like Pinterest!
Yes! It comes with installation documentation. Five minutes are really enough for your new web community to be launched.
Heavy customizations and complete change of appearance will be an easy game even for an amateur developer.
Almost every web server can run Tumblrclone! It can run smoothly on shared hosting and its requirements are very minimal. Please take a look at our requirements page.
Upon purchase, you will receive a lifetime basic level support. This includes coverage upon all possible core problems/bugs etc. Updates are free, forever.
99% of customers’ needs are covered with the basic support that recieve along with the product. You will need an extended support pack if you have pro needs or in case that you need our team to troubleshot possible third party issues for you.
Through Clients Area. Log into your account (details mailed to you upon purchase) by pressing the top right button and submit a Support Ticket. Guys from support will be in touch shortly!
You will be able to create a superadmin that will moderate users and their blogs (ban/unban capabilities etc.). For security purposes, we are not able to offer an admin demo, but you are still able to browse screenshots of it in the Gallery section.

Do you want to read more about Tumbler Clone?
Download general notes’ PDF
It includes more advanced topics like monetization methods, technical specifications, list of features etc

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