Tumblr has recently announced that they have decided to ban all forms of nudity on its platform. All forms of media such as videos, images, and GIFs that contain explicit images are no longer allowed in the social media platform. This rule was put into effect starting December 17 and the company has made changes on their terms of service in order to include this new rule.

On this new rule, female nipples will only be allowed in the platform if the nature of the post has something to do with breastfeeding, birth, and health campaigns. It may also be allowed for gender reassignment and post-mastectomy surgeries.

However, as what Tumblr’s Chief Executive has said, there’s no shortage of websites that offer adult content or pornographic content.
In fact, Tumbler Clone is a much better alternative to Tumblr. This is a website software where webmasters can set up their own Tumblr community and allow people to post anything without limitations including adult content or any content that’s pornographic in nature.

Tumblr didn’t elaborate the reason behind these changes. For many years, the image forwarding service has been known for having a sex-focused subculture. It’s the go-to social media platform for those who are interested in sharing and creating fiction and art that is explicit in nature. This is why hobbyists, amateurs, and those who are into LGBT pornography and erotica would favor Tumblr over other social media platforms.

Tumblr’s decision came only a few weeks after Apple decided to remove the company’s app from Apple’s App Store. This was done after child pornography was discovered on the website. Thus, many are wondering if their recent decision has something to do with this.

With Apple’s massive distribution and strict rules, the company has a broad effect on the Internet. Removing a number of apps and websites known for supporting nudity and pornography has something to do with Apple’s stringent control over their app store and the overall iOS ecosystem.

Apple’s decision to remove pornography from all its platforms was highly publicized.

Tumblr’s decision has prompted people to go to social media to voice out their complaints about the changes. Others went as far as sharing malicious posts that the company has flagged. For some users, Tumblr has made a very lousy decision. There are also those who have joked that Tumblr has banned the only main reason why people would visit the website for. Indeed, according to the statistics obtained by web analytics, adult content was Tumblr’s main driver of traffic in 2017, which makes up 20% of all the website clicks.

There are also others who have linked Tumbler’s decision with the recent Sex Traffickers Act of Congress, which will make adult websites responsible for any sex trafficking and prostitution acts that are facilitated on their platforms. According to Congress, the law is meant to improve the policing of sex trafficking although this has made some sex workers complain because they will no longer have a safe place to sell their services and reach out to customers.